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How to make Giant Soap Bubbles

There are many bubble mix recipes on the internet but our most successful formula was - and please excuse the mixing of imperial and metric measures but we used kitchen spoons and jugs:

  • 125ml Fairy Liquid washing up liquid
  • ½ teaspoon of baking powder
  • ½ teaspoon of J-Lube* (see later)

Make up to 2 litres with tap water

Carefully mix the baking powder and J-Lube into the Fairy Liquid. Make sure that it is well dispersed and the liquid has a slimy texture before carefully diluting with tap water. Try not to create any froth whilst mixing. Ideally, the liquid works best after allowing it to stand for a day, but it will still work fine after immediate preparation.

We found that the best loops for making the bubbles were from cotton-based parcel string which we think allows the liquid to penetrate the fibres and strengthen the bubble surface. Plastic-based string loops for us failed every time. Loops are a whole different discussion point! Our best loop was purchased on Amazon for £6 and called Giant Bubble Toy by Bubblz. We copied its dimensions to make several of our own.

*J-Lube is a veterinary lubricant which can be purchased on Amazon. It is not cheap being around £20 for 284g but if ½tsp (2.5ml) makes 2 litres of bubble mix, then one tube should make well over 200 litres of bubble mix which should last you for years!

We have been told that J-Lube could be replaced with guar gum but we have yet to try it. Perhaps you might do so and report your findings.
We would be very happy to answer any questions if you contact us at

Liz and John Mabb

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