Deben District Scout Cooking Competition - Ready, Steady, Cook!


  • 1 to 3 months before event send invite with 'Competition Rules and Information' and example 'Parent Letter' to District Scout Leaders. Set deadline for returns a week to two weeks before the competition.
  • 1 to 3 months before event District Scout Leaders customise the 'Parent Letter' and send to their parents together with the 'Competition Rules and Information'.
  • Centrally purchase food for all teams 1 to 2 days before hand (see example food list provided. NB This can be altered to suit meals that can be cooked on the day)
  • Set last meal deadline 2.5 hrs ahead of start time (20 mins instructions. 20 to 40 mins teams decide what to cook, 90 mins cooking).
  • On the day give out instructions and food list. Then get everyone together to talk through what is expected using instruction list.
  • Start cooking competition.
  • Mark teams as they finish using marking sheet.
  • Let teams eat their meals. Then get teams to wash up.
  • Work out results and who has won.
  • When everyone has cleared away, give out results and trophy to winning team. Hand back review sheets as feedback for future competitions.

Parent Invite Letter

To all Scouts and Troop Leaders/Helpers,

This year's District Cooking Competition is on Sunday ?.

Each troop can send a team of 3/4, so discuss this with your friends and let me know if you would like to enter a team.

We will need to bring all our own cooking equipment (which I will provide) and a tablecloth and a table centre piece or decoration. Ingredients will be provided at the event.

The competition will start at 9.30am and you will be expected to prepare a three course meal. You will be judged on your hygiene, teamwork and cleanliness as well as the final product. The competition is usually finished by about 1.30pm at the latest.

The rules are attached for info.

If you are interested please let me know by Fri ? at the latest. As a minimum we can enter one teams and if space is available a few more. We have always had a good turnout for this event and would encourage you to take part.


Instructions to Scouts on the Day

  • Welcome to the cooking competition.
  • Please set up your area and wait for the briefing at 9.30am.
  • You will then have time to plan your menu and produce a menu card.
  • You should collect your ingredients from the entrance hall.
  • Crockery, cutlery and glasses can be obtained from the kitchen.
  • Hot water can be obtained from the Kitchen.
  • There will be a central table with salt, pepper, herbs etc. Please put things back when you have used them.
  • You have 90 mins max to prepare your meal (The latest time will be 12pm)
  • Make sure the judges are aware that you have finished and are ready to be judged.
  • Then eat your meals and clear up.

Good luck.

Other Kit

  • Card, pencils, crayons, felt tips etc (for menu cards).
  • Two burners and gas, together with a table covering and any decorations per team (teams bring).
  • Crockery, cutlery and glasses (if host accommodation can supply, otherwise teams bring).
  • Pots, pans, kitchen tools, tea towels etc (teams bring).
  • Recipe ideas which take into account the ingredients provided.
  • Two tables, one large for preparation, one small for serving the meal (if host accommodation can supply, otherwise teams bring).
  • Washing up bowls, washing up liquid, scourers etc (if host accommodation can supply, otherwise teams bring).
  • Hot water (if host accommodation can supply, otherwise teams bring billies and heat up their own).
  • First aid and fire safety provision

Supporting Information

Attached below are document to support the above.

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