How do we raise funds/pay our way - Membership Fees & Fund Raising


The Group needs to raise funds of around £20,000 per year to cover general running costs and provide for new equipment and major repairs when they become necessary in the building.

The Group is financed in two ways:

Membership Fees

Each member is asked to pay membership fees and this is collected termly.

We run a gift aid scheme for the payment of fees, which allows the Group as a charity to recover the tax paid by the members' parents. All parents need to do is sign the membership envelope.

Full details on membership fees can be found here.

Fund Raising

The Scout Group operates a number of schemes to achieve this. The major schemes are:

Fund raising is overseen by a Fund Raising Team to oversee and manage its fund raising activities. A list of the Fund Raising Team Members can be found under Contact Us.

Future fund raising events are advertised on this website, Kesgrave Community website, Kesgrave News and through posters, emails and newsletters.

The following schemes have been used in the past to help raise funds for the new hall.

  • Kesgrave Aerial Photo’s (1980)
  • Kesgrave Postcards
  • Kesgrave Scout Group Badges
  • Recipe Books
  • Kesgrave 2000 Calendar
  • Kesgrave 2000 Mugs
  • Kesgrave 2000 Tea Towels
  • 2nd Stop Charity Shop
  • Family Day
  • Web Ivory
  • Firework Night

If you have any questions, issues or suggestions or wish to help with fund raising please contact Celia Comber - 01473 622815 or email


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