Promise Challenge - Troop

Meeting Plan

Meeting plan that covers most of the requirements for the Troop Promise Challenge.

1. Promise/Law game - simple relay to get the words of the promise and laws in the right order (10-15 mins).

2. Talk about the meaning of the promise and law (General interactive talk with all scouts - 10 mins)

3. Have 4 bases, one Patrol at each base at a time and rotate (allow 15mins at each base).

  • Following on from the talk above, discuss real examples that highlight areas of the promise and laws. Then get group to take a line of the promise/law and explain it to the rest of the troop at the end via a presentation or mime.
  • Discuss the code of conduct
  • Write a prayer
  • Express their opinion - some idea cards for controversial issues will supplied

4. Perform the promise/law presentations

5. Game if time

6. Closing ceremony using prayers that have been written during the meeting. Those not read out can be carried forward to future meetings.

These activities cover the promise challenge Area 1b, Area 2c, Area 3b and Area 4c. This will leave them one more thing to do as they need to do 5 things. Other things that can contribute to this badge are:

  • running the tuck shop at a meeting (1d)
  • take part in a church parade, District St Georges Day, Remembrance Service, Christingle Service, Harvest Festival Service (2a)
  • Helping with investitures (1c).


  • Promise/Law game: Type out promise and law words on different coloured card and cut out into individual words. Place the words face up on a table in random order. Each scout comes up and attempts to place the words in the correct order (towards the end they may all need to help!)
  • Code of conduct:
  • Discuss in a group a number of controversial issues.

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