Scout Hall

Scout Hall

The Scout Group moved into the new Headquarters in January 2004. The land is leased from Tesco on a 125-year lease and we have paid for the building. This has cost around £400,000 and we have raised this money from the charity shop, donations and fund raising events. We did not get any help from the Lottery.

R G Carter built the shell of the building and we spent 15 months fitting it out. Contractors did some of the work and some was done by parents. We are particularly grateful to Paul Brown, Gary Marsh and Roger Waters who gave their expertise freely to help with the building and to the small team of regular volunteers who could be found at the hall nearly every weekend painting, cleaning and putting up fittings. Details of the project can be found here.

The Hall gives us a much wider range of facilities and is used by the Group every night of the week but we do hire out the halls for Birthday parties, other community groups, meetings etc and if you require further information then please go here.

We are now using the new hall to its full potential and it is helping scouting to expand in Kesgrave.

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